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Vacationing Within Your Financial Means

Taking a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica may seem like an impossible dream – but the Ylang Ylang is here to help make your dreams come true! Costa Rica is one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world. Even the rich and famous eventually find their way to the pristine beaches and warm ocean waters. This doesn't mean Costa Rica is an impossible destination for the average person. No matter what your budget, you can still enjoy an unforgettable trip here.

The secret in planning your Costa Rican vacation is to vacation within your means. Just because you can't afford the most luxurious accommodations doesn't mean you can't find something comparable and affordable. For example, the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is a luxury beach resort, but we also have a sister hotel nearby for those guests that may have more of a limited budget. We take great pride in both our beach resort and our sister hotel, so you never have to worry about the level of quality – you'll always get our best effort, no matter where you stay.

In addition to choosing accommodations you can afford, plan affordable activities. Remember: you don't have to spend every hour of your vacation taking part in an expensive activity. Instead, you can spend hours relaxing in the sun and sand or taking a nature hike – for free. Use your imagination and discover affordable ways to experience the beauty of Costa Rica. And, ask our friendly staff for help.

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Enjoy the Luxurious Garden Bungalow for Less

As you plan your next visit to Costa Rica, be sure to take advantage of the Ylang Ylang’s latest money-saving deal – $60 off the Garden Bungalow! Between November 1st and November 5th, you can stay in the Garden Bungalow and enjoy $60 off each night of your stay. The Garden Bungalow is ideal for a romantic getaway with your significant other – or you can enjoy the secluded tranquility on your own. This luxurious bungalow features a queen bed, private bath, and glass doors leading to your own private terrace. One of the benefits of staying in the Garden Bungalow is its close proximity to the lush jungle surroundings – you can literally nature-watch right from your own back door!

Since the Garden Bungalow is only 50 yards from the beach, you're less than a minute away from enjoying the warm, tropical waters and clean, sandy beaches. After a refreshing dip in the water or a few hours soaking up the sun, you can make your way back to your private piece of paradise and observe the native wildlife in their natural habitat while relaxing on your terrace! The possibilities are endless for the solo traveler, as well as the couple seeking privacy. This $60 savings is good for two-night reservations or more, and the reservations must be made directly with the Ylang Ylang resort by November 1st. Saving $60 PER NIGHT between November 1st and 5th is a fabulous discount that's sure to go fast, so act now and reserve your private slice of heaven.

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Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Introduces New Solar Power Resources

Protecting and preserving the environment is never far from the minds of Costa Rican inhabitants. Costa Rica thrives on ecotourism – and if the environment is not preserved and protected, that ecotourism will quickly dwindle away. Here at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, we know how important it is to protect the environment that surrounds our luxury hotel. That's why we are proud to announce the completion of our solar garden project.

Our solar garden project consists of a variety of solar panels installed throughout our resort grounds. These panels harness the power of the sun – solar energy that's used to operate various electrical components of our resort. Guests can turn on the air conditioners in their rooms, plug in their electronic devices, and even enjoy a relaxing drink in the bar – all while knowing the electricity is being generated by solar energy. Through the use of solar panels, we've taken one more step toward diminishing our carbon footprint on the planet and preserving the natural surroundings that bring joy to so many Costa Rican inhabitants and visitors.

Here at the Ylang Ylang, we take environmental preservation seriously, and we encourage our guests to do the same. With the completion of our solar garden project, we've helped make it possible for guests to enjoy their Costa Rican vacations without worrying about wasting resources or energy. In other words, when you visit the Ylang Ylang, you're helping to protect the environment that you enjoy so much! Vacationing just got better and more energy-efficient here at the Ylang Ylang.

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Tips for Taking a Beach Vacation in Costa Rica

Have you been thinking about taking a beach vacation to Costa Rica? If so, you're in for one of the most memorable times of your life! However, as with planning any vacation, it's always important to make sure you address every detail before setting out. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect Costa Rican beach vacation:

costa rica hotel beachfront bungalow at ylang ylang

  • Take the weather into consideration when choosing the dates for your vacation. Like any other place in the world, there are ideal times for visiting Costa Rica. Talk to your travel agent or reach out to the staff here at the Ylang Ylang to learn more about Costa Rica’s primary tourist season, as well as the off-season and the weather for each.
  • Choose the Costa Rican destination and accommodations that keep you in close proximity to the beach.  You don't want to spend your vacation traveling back and forth to the beach every day. A stay at the Ylang Ylang puts you in walking distance of the beach for immediate gratification.
  • Think beyond swimming and soaking up the sun. There are various activities you can enjoy on the beach and in the warm, tropical waters of Costa Rica. Talk to the hotel staff to learn more about local beach activities.
  • Plan for the unexpected. You may find one or two days when going to the beach is not the best option, perhaps due to the weather or another unforeseen circumstance. Make sure you have other activities in mind to help fill in the downtime and make your Costa Rican vacation as memorable as possible. 

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Enjoy Our Luxury Beach Front Room for Less

Making the decision to take a beach vacation is easy – who doesn't enjoy a long, relaxing stay at a beachside resort? Finding the right resort for your beach vacation is just as easy – the Ylang Ylang! The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is one of the leading resorts in beautiful Costa Rica. Nestled in the quiet seclusion of jungle greenery, right next to warm ocean waters and white, sandy beaches, the Ylang Ylang is THE place to go for an unforgettable vacation. Even better – if you plan your vacation for November 1st through the 5th, you can reserve a luxury beach front room and enjoy significant savings!

From now until November 1st, you can save $40 per night on your beach-front reservation. Imagine staying in a gorgeous, luxury room with the beach and ocean right outside! Now, imagine staying in that gorgeous room knowing that you are saving $40 each night! There's no better way to enjoy a tropical vacation in luxury accommodations.

All you have to do is reserve your room, directly with our resort, between now and the first of November. Make sure you choose at least two dates for your stay that fall within the first and fifth of November. Then, use the coupon code, BFRNOV40, when making your reservation. That’s it – you'll save $40 for each night of your stay in one of our amazing beach front rooms. You can enjoy all the Ylang Ylang has to offer, including yoga sessions on the beach and luxury spa treatments – or you can simply relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings of your beachfront room! Contact us today and make your money-saving reservation!

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Come to Ylang Ylang to Get Married This Season

When planning an unforgettable wedding, venue is everything! You want your wedding to take place in a location that simply captivates your guests. You want the location to create a magical, romantic atmosphere – the perfect atmosphere for exchanging nuptials. What better way to celebrate the joining of two people in marriage than with a tropical wedding! And what better place to have this unforgettable tropical wedding than at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in beautiful Costa Rica!

A wedding at the amazing Ylang Ylang resort is sure to be the wedding of a lifetime. The protected environment of Costa Rica helps to create the most breathtaking backdrop for your wedding. From the lush jungle greenery, to the crystal clear waters, how could there possibly be a better setting for your wedding? There are even more benefits to getting married at the Ylang Ylang, including:

  • Luxury accommodations for you and your guests – from bungalows with ocean views, to exquisite suites, you and your guests enjoy some of the most luxurious accommodations
  • On-site activities – both before and after your magical wedding, you and your guests enjoy moonlit dinners on the beach, invigorating yoga sessions, and luxury treatments at our private spa

If you've been struggling to find the ideal venue for your wedding, look no more – the Ylang Ylang has everything you need to ensure your special day is the most memorable of all occasions. Contact us today and find out how we can help you plan your momentous occasion!

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A Tropical Hotel that Offers Everything

With so many tropical hotels around the world, it can be a challenge to choose one for your next vacation. Each tropical hotel has something special to offer. Some may offer amazing accommodations with the highest level of luxury you can imagine. Others may offer immediate access to the beach and ocean. There may be some that are located in secluded spots, giving you and your special someone plenty of privacy for romance. There may also be some that are located in the midst of the city life, giving you a chance to experience all the local activities.

So, how do you choose only one hotel when they each offer so many benefits? The answer is easy – choose the hotel that offers everything! Here at the Ylang Ylang, you can enjoy all of those benefits – luxury, beach access, seclusion, and proximity to local activities – in one, single place. Our resort features a secluded location, nestled within the natural, protected environment of Costa Rica, with the beach only a few steps away. Yet, our resort is also mere minutes from Montezuma, providing you with easy access to all the city life and activities you want to enjoy.

The Ylang Ylang is also one of the best hotels in Costa Rica for the luxury experience. Our private bungalows and suites provide luxury and comfort that you won't find anywhere else. In other words, the Ylang Ylang contains the best of all the worlds – and it's available to you for your next vacation. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of staying with us and reserve your suite!


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